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Posted in Painting on November 20, 2009 by NJDaniels

FINALLY!  I have finally forced myself to sit down and finish that stupid decal from Forge World on my Valkyrie..  oh.. my.. god..  what a pain in the ass.  I have now decided that ONLY the command vehicle will have the Aquila on its wings as I now know why they give you 3 sets of wings on each transfer sheet!  I messed up so many times because the transfer is thinner than a standard GW transfer, yet has MORE GLUE than the GW transfer!  So the minute I removed the transfer from the sheet onto the model, if it wasn’t where it needed to be perfectly, I had to pray that I could move it by dousing it with water.  Then, if it started to move, it usually only moved a bit and most of the time ripped because they’re so thin.

Now, all told, the whole Valkyrie took almost 6 hours to complete the transfers because of how hard they were to work with.  However, that being said, it does look pretty sweet when it’s all finished.  I wanted to keep the Aquila untouched, but because there were so many rips and holes, I had to go over it in white to cover it up..  which caused it to look painted in parts..  so I had to paint over the whole thing to make it match.  Then I decided that people would notice that right away, so to take their focus off of it I added jet streaks to the paint to make it appear weathered from flying so much.  I hope you like, I sure do!

*Note* I had some extra Grenadier models in which I decided to turn into door gunners for the interior, rather than the ones that came with the Valkyrie.  I painted the interior first before putting it all together.  Here’s a picture of that, for anyone interested.

Atta’boy Lads!

Posted in Painting on November 17, 2009 by NJDaniels

I know it’s been awhile, I have been painting though, honest!  I just have been lazy with decals and then taking pictures.  I finished my Ogryn squad today complete with decals and battle damage.  I had a local artist do up the face masks and Commissar outfit for the Bone’ead as I am just not that good with Green Stuff!

Again, I do profess, I may be a semi-decent painter, but I am no photographer!  I apologize for the poor quality pictures, but it was either that or I could describe how incredibly awesome they look!

I’ve got a few projects on the go right now, working on a Vendetta (complete with the Forge World upgrade) which has the interior complete and the base complete (with magnets for easy use); I’ve also started a Chimera so these Ogryns can get around the table in style. I’ve put together a whole slew of models recently, even purchased 2 Aegis Defense Lines and 2 Bastions for use in Planet Strike.

I think, after viewing these pictures, I will be whipping out the regular camera and trying to take more decent pictures…  but I wanted to get them up tonight, so these will have to do!

*Update* I have taken new pictures, they are a bit more clear, but still not that great.  Apparently I just need a new camera that doesn’t suck!

I’m Not Dead Yet!

Posted in Information on November 9, 2009 by NJDaniels

I feel happy, I feel fine!  I think I’ll go for a walk now!

Well, I haven’t fallen off the face of the Earth, but I haven’t posted anything lately..  I’m bad.

I am painting, all be it, slowly.  I have a few things painted that need decal work and I’m working on a squad of Ogryns right now, I have 3 painted ready for decals and 1 mostly finished (which I should be able to finish off tomorrow) and the last one has some base coats on it and should take another day or so to complete.  I’ll work on some decals after the Ogryns are done and I think pump out some infantry models, now that I have a good 30 or so put together (plus another 40 Storm Troopers) and I’ve *ALWAYS* got tanks to paint!

I may take some time to work on my Warhound Titan as it sits there in its bag, taunting me..  I just need a really solid idea for the base, and I haven’t been able to finalize an idea that I love yet.  Stay tuned for more updates, I promise!  (I’m also waiting for a small Forge World order for some equipment for my infantry before I put primer to them).