End Of Another Decade

With Christmas almost here and another Paint or Die coming to an end, I spent quite some time painting over the last two weeks.  I also did some research on how to take a better picture, so far I think it has worked.  I’ve taken some new pictures of the Ogryns since they’re such great models, you can view those new ones by clicking on them below in the Ogryn post.

So, on to the painted items.  To start, I painted up a Leman Russ Demolisher.  I cut down the heavy bolter sponsons and fit in some of the new plasma cannons from the new GW Demolisher kits, they turned out pretty good. With the new Lumbering Behemoth rule, this short range tank puts out a hell of a lot of destructive firepower.

The next thing I painted up was a standard Leman Russ Battle Tank.  Another full Forge World kit, complete with a different turret than the regular GW kit.  Before the latest codex, I would have never put the sponsons on a Leman Russ, however, with the new rules I wouldn’t NOT have them!

Lately, I have left my infantry models alone, simply because they’re so many and tedious to paint so many and a tank is just one large item.  Well, I decided since I was going to be entering a tournament this just past weekend that I should paint some up quickly.  This is a command squad with a lascannon on a custom built base.

Continuing with my infantry push, I also painted up an infantry squad with an autocannon, again with another custom built base.  These infantry are just extra models that won’t be on my display for the army so they’re all different base theme but I think the colours work together.

In the new Codex, a couple new characters were written into the book that I decided I wanted to play around with but of course don’t want to use the regular model for them as they aren’t Death Korps; so I made my own versions.  The first was Sly Marbo, or Rambo; not a very interesting conversion, just some kit bashing to come up with a model with all the right toys Sly has such as a sword, a sniper pistol and a demo charge.

The next three models aren’t conversions, but what models I have chosen to represent them.  The model on the left is a regimental advisor, the astropath, a model I traded with Doc which came from Inquisitor Rex’s retinue.  The model in the middle is Lord Castellan Creed, whom I’ve decided to call Lord Castellan Krieg, is just the force commander model.  The last model, on the right, is another regimental advisor, the officer of the fleet.  This model is actually the Quartermaster model intended to be used in a different fashion, however, I don’t plan on using the actual Death Korps list until it’s more up to date with the new codex.

Last but not least on this large update is a Chimera.  It can be used by any unit pretty much, so it’s not really dedicated to any unit officially in my army.  A generic, small conversion on the lasgun ports in which I decided not to put the lasguns on the back area and closed up the ports.  Currently the Ogryns are using it, but eventually they will have their own converted Chimera.


One Response to “End Of Another Decade”

  1. Looking really good Nick. I gotta get off my ass and off the internet and paint and build something. You and Malcolm are making me look bad. I wanna do fun stuff not kill myself trying to finish some crazy dream unit the night before Astro this year. I’ll field mostly stuff that is done well in advance and instead work on terrain…

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