The GW Ironman Tournament

So this just past Saturday, the mall was open from 9am until 11pm for Christmas, so the staff at the Games Workshop decided to run a tournament for the day in which I participated.  I didn’t actually know it was a tournament when I entered, I just wanted to play because the concept sounded fun.  The idea was that everyone brought in 3,000 points and played a regular game of 40k for 2.5 hours.  At the end of the game or time, whichever came first, all players would have to determine what was completely destroyed and what still had models left in a unit.  Any vehicle or unit completely destroyed would be lost for the rest of the tournament.  The depleted units would stay the same for the next round unless you used reinforcement points to top them back up.  The reinforcement points were assigned based on the paint quality of the army.  The more detailed, the higher the points up to a max of 10; starting out at having all models primed got you 2 points, then having them all base coated got you another 2, then detail, shading, highlights, squad markings, etc.

The rest of the rounds of the tournament, everyone was paired up with whomever was closest in points remaining until the last game where the last four players teamed up to fight each other.  First and fourth teamed up to fight second (me) and third ranked players and we played a no turn limit game (which went 15 turns) down to the last man standing.  Teammates were allowed to shoot each other, but it wasn’t wise to do so until later in the game if they wanted to survive at all since the points for the top 4 players was 1) 2350, 2) 2140, 3) 600 and 4) 450.  In the end, 1st place player backstabbed and killed his teammate and eventually I had to kill my teammate before killing the 1st place player and in the end, in the immortal words of Ozzy Osbourne, “I AM IRONMAN!”

“Ironman Army”


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  1. Sorry I missed it. I hope to do more gaming and hobby stuff in 2010, I’ve been working too much…

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