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Still not dead, I swear!

Posted in Information on June 12, 2010 by NJDaniels

Well, the Paint or Die competition has come and gone and I failed miserably…  I got Marneus Calgar (in terminator armour) and the forge world Venerable dreadnought painted…  but that’s it.

I started a Blood Angels in the midst of the competition and found it hard to keep painting basic, boring plain Marines when I could make wonderfully detailed models and paint each one like it was it’s own champion.

I haven’t given up on my Death Korps, I am just taking a bit of a break from the assembly line painting that is required by painting Imperial Guard.  I have picked up some new Leman Russ and Manticore/Death Strike kits.  I actually am planning on using one of the Death Strike missiles as a conversion for my Reaver Titan to make it a Vortex Missile for the top carapace.  🙂

Right now, I’ve painted 4 models in the month of June, all are highly detailed Blood Angel independent character models (Sanguinor, Librarian in terminator armour conversion, Chaplain in terminator armour and my own conversion of Brother Curbelo).

I will get back to the Death Korps, fear not.  I am restructuring my army a bit, after playing with them for a few months it has given me a chance to learn what models I like and want.  I was originally going to have just 3 of every vehicle except that over time I’ve learned I don’t want some of them (such as a Griffon).  So I will keep building my models and paint them over time.