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“Paint or Die”

Posted in Army Display, Information on September 20, 2009 by NJDaniels

So with the end of a “Paint or Die” competition I have stopped painting for the time being since there will be another just around the corner in October.  Any models I paint now, won’t count for the competition, so I’m just building models and working on my display in the meantime.

IMG00188-20090917-2216We have finished the upper floor, and in working on the Cathedral I decided I wanted to hide a Vendetta within it.  The idea now is to build up an archway to add more detail to the display, plus act as a stand for the Vendetta which will be hovering out of view.  The lower floors of the Cathedral are coming along as well, with adjustments made to compensate for the change of the archway, we’re ready to continue building the floors.


The Greatest Obstacle

Posted in Army Display on September 4, 2009 by NJDaniels

IMG00159-20090828-1814I have worked on some more of my display with Thor and have to admit, this is coming together better than I thought it would.  The first few building interiors are nearing completion, as far as where models go and the debris on the floor is concerned.  In this building it holds a 10-man Infantry Squad, hidden within the two different floors.  On the bottom floor is where a Hellhound will be hidden from view.  Obviously it still needs some work done as far as touch ups to the exterior and then eventually needs to be painted.

IMG00160-20090828-1814We started the next building over, just to get the models based so I could start painting them; so each building will be less and less complete.  The top floor of this second building has part of a Platoon Command Squad.  As you can tell, the roof is not yet complete, the goal right now is too keep working on each floor and put models on bases so that we can come back to each building later and finish off detail while I paint the models.  The bottom floor holds part of an impressive looking 10-man Death Rider Squad.

IMG00161-20090828-1814The next building is the smallest building on the whole display.  In fact, it’s so small, you can still see a large part of the 2nd building in the picture.  This one was designed to be partially blown out so that it connects to the 2nd building.  The rest of the Platoon Command Squad are on the top floor as well the rest of the Death Rider Squad are on the bottom floor.  A neat feature that we went back at this point and added, was plasticard under each floor to give it more rigidity and to allow the floor to be removed.  We noticed that the Death Riders were hard to remove with their lances so long that with this addition, each floor can slide out and the models be removed easier.

IMG00187-20090903-2234Last night, Thor and I started on the largest building on the display, the Cathedral.  The whole building is going to have marbleized flooring so the floor went down a little faster than hundreds of stir sticks, but detail work was penned in to the floor to give it depth.  The squad in the picture is mostly the Command Platoon, however the top floor is mixed with another unit.  The middle floor is the Commander on the very right, speaking with his advisers.  On the wall in front of them will be some sort of display in which there will be an overview of the battle.

The Campaign Plan

Posted in Army Display on August 25, 2009 by NJDaniels

IMG00079-20090610-1704One of the largest local tournaments that happens each year is Astronomi-con Vancouver, where two lads come out from Winnipeg, Manitoba and gather the local community together and put on a good show.  It’s a very involved tournament that is much more than just playing games.  They make sure you are part of the hobby experience and not just some power gaming goob; sure you get points for winning your games, but that’s not going to win you the tournament.  You have to put your heart and soul into the army and enhance it beyond little plastic, toy soldiers.  You need to be creative with your army.  So with that in mind, I created a tournament list for Astronomi-con Vancouver 2010 and started working with Thor Rechlo of Mighty Miniatures on building a display for my army to be used solely at Astronomi-con (or any other local venue of it’s calibre).

IMG00078-20090610-1703The concept of the display is to have a war-torn city street with several blown-out buildings leading up to a ruined Cathedral.  In the streets will be a different army on display, a traitorous Imperial Guard platoon from Forge World.  It cost a couple hundred dollars for the display models that aren’t even part of my army, but the display will be worth it.  When one looks carefully enough, they will notice that the traitor Guard are not my army and that hidden within the city ruins are cleverly hidden models that ARE my army.  The whole display even has an underground set of tunnels and command section that will be lit up in the end.